Day 365 – The End of the Line

Day 365


As my final photograph of my 365 project, I’d been hoping to replicate the first. The weather decided it wasn’t going to let me so he decided he wanted to play with his domino set instead.

Lining up the photograph, I asked him to lean down a little to help get him in the shot properly. As guidance I suggested he rest his chin on the table, which seemed a reasonable suggestion. The result was that he leant down to just above the table, then opened his mouth until his chin was touching it!

… and, I’m done. That’s my year of photographs completed, one for every single day from the 25th April 2014. They show a variety of scenes, and whenever possible they’ve included my son, who has grown in a small way in every single picture into the brave, confident and intelligent boy he is today.

I’ll still be posting updates, but not quite as frequently.


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