Beached, Wales

People confuse me.

We spent an hour or so yesterday, on a Saturday afternoon following the hottest week of the year so far, in Porthcawl. It’s known for two main attractions: a funfair, and an absolutely enormous beach area.

We’ve always been a bit suspicious of the fair; it’s pricey, we’re not convinced about how safe some of the rides are (although no doubt they are regularly checked) and the small stalls surrounding it do seem to sell a lot of what can be best described as “holiday tat”. On the other hand, a beach is somewhere where you can make your own fun: sandcastles, swimming, football or simply running around trying to catch seagulls.

So why, on such a lovely day, was the funfair packed but the beach almost deserted? Do people not know how to make their own fun any more?

CUsersdmDropboxCamera Uploads2015-07-04He never caught the seagulls, but at least he tried.


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