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Are you looking for a domain to help market your business website, or the websites of your clients? Do you or they work within the travel sector, or possibily are involved in the production of high-quality luggage?

Then this is probably the best domain currently on the market, and available in a range of pricing options from outright purchase to year-on-year rental.

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Dictionary Word

No misspellings here, no combinations of multiple words and most certainly no "special" characters. As of January 2014, 'suitcase' receives some 60,500 searches per month through Google and is rated "highly competitive" within their AdWords system.

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High Value Domain

Based purely on automated processes, values at $9,000. Taking into account the links with luxury goods and services that the domain reflects, a valuation in the region of $17,500 is certainly justified.

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Purchase Options

Buy the domain outright. $17,500 or 10,650, with an agreement to continue email redirection for a limited time.

Rent the domain for one calendar year. $3,500 or 2,200. Your choice of A and AAAA records for and First refusal on purchasing the domain at the end of the year, or renewal of rental for further years.

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