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How can a single .org domain be worth $17,500 / 10,650?

Third Party Valuations has the highest valuation, at $22,000. comes in next at $14,470. is often cited as one of the most accurate valuation sites on the Internet. Their estimate? $9,000.'s estimate? A neat $9,000.

The valuation here is based on a mid-point of these, combined with the high value of goods and services that this domain could lead on to.

Single Word Domain

'suitcase' is a dictionary word, with some 60,500 searches every month through Google alone. Given the right SEO strategy, the new owner of could be looking at a significant proportion of those searches coming straight to this site.

Domain age has been registered for 18 years. There's no history of frequent changes of ownership; indeed, the domain has had a single owner since the first registration in 1996.