Purchase options

How can I buy this domain?

Outright Purchase

Simply send an email to adrian@suitcase.org. I am a real person, and will respond to serious offers as soon as I am able. The purchase can either be made directly or through a third-party escrow service such as Sedo.

Note that one condition of sale will be email to certain addresses should be forwarded on, either directly via an MX record or through a remailer, for a limited length of time.

Per-Year Rental

If budgets do not allow the outlay of the full amount, feel free to contact me about domain rental. I would be more than happy to come to an arrangement whereby I point A and AAAA records at an IP address of your choice for a period of one calendar year.

Why do you want to keep the email?

suitcase.org has been my personal domain for 18 years. Selling it is an inconvenience to me and thus I need time to ensure that all third parties have been updated with a new address.